UPDATE: Survey open until December 18, 2020

Interregional Service between Cowichan Valley Regional District and Regional District of Nanaimo


BC Transit, the Cowichan Valley Regional District, and the Regional District of Nanaimo are seeking input on proposed interregional service expansions.

The need for interregional transit service between Nanaimo and the Cowichan Valley was identified in the Regional District of Nanaimo Transit Future Plan (2014), the Cowichan Valley Region Transit Future Plan (2012), and the South Nanaimo Local Area Transit Plan (2019).

Why do we need your help?

In order to implement the new route we need your input on:

  • the need for an interregional route
  • the original and final destination of the route
  • preferred trip times
  • service span
  • fares

COVID – 19 Impact Statement

Note: Engagement was originally scheduled for March – April 2020. However, due to COVID-19, it was postponed to give residents time to prioritize their immediate needs and adjust to a new normal. Now, in order to continue to plan for future transit needs, online engagement resumes with the unchanged goal of improving connections throughout and between regions. 

We’re Listening

Ericka Amador Transit Planner,
BC Transit
Rachelle Rondeau Transit Analyst, Cowichan Valley Regional District
Erica Beauchamp Superintendent of Planning and Scheduling, Regional District of Nanaimo

How to Take Part

Explore the map 

Utilize the map below to get familiar with the study area

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Let us know where the interregional route will take you

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Help us determine the need for the route, where and when it should run, and how you would use it!

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Contact Us in the form below or visit the CVRD Transit Future page or the RDN Transit Future page for project updates.

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Primary Origin is where you expect your interregional trip to start. Primary Destination is where you expect your trip to end. Feel free to use sticky notes for any other notes you might have.

You can also click on “Routes” in the upper right corner of the map and select a CVRD or RDN route to display on the map for reference.

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We want to hear from you!
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For project updates, visit the CVRD Transit Future page or the RDN Transit Future page.