BC Transit and the District of Squamish are seeking input on the future growth of the Squamish Transit System. There are several ways to participate listed below under “How to Take Part”, or go directly to the interactive map or survey.

Why do we need your help?

In order to be your best transportation solution, we need your input on:

  • What is working and not working
  • Service span
  • Infrastructure improvements
  • Preferred trip times
  • Which routes to improve
  • What new areas need transit service

COVID – 19 Impact Statement

Engagement was originally scheduled for the Spring of 2020. Due to COVID-19, it was postponed to give residents time to prioritize their immediate needs and adjust to the current situation. Now, in order to continue to plan for future transit needs, online engagement resumes with the unchanged goal of improving transit service within the District of Squamish. Specialized analysis will be conducted to ensure that the service in Squamish is best allocated to where it’s needed most.

If something is working or not working for you today, please let us know by filling in a note pin below in the interactive map.

We would like to acknowledge and honour the Squamish Nation Traditional Territory.

We Are Listening

How to Take Part

Explore the map. 

Utilize the map below to get familiar with Squamish

Drop a pin. 

Let us know where we can improve transit on the map below, as well as your typical origin and destinations

Fill out the survey. 

Check out the proposals we have created for this plan and let us know how we did!

Stay in touch. 

If you want to be contacted in the future, please fill in your information in the Contact Us

Please add pins to the map below.

Ensure you SAVE any pins you place using the button below the map!

Please add pins to the map below. You can treat these pins as “sticky notes” to advise us of where it is important to improve transit! Specifically you can:

  1. Add your primary origin and primary destination*. This will help us determine where the busiest routes may be in Squamish
  2. Suggest improvements near bus routes that you would like to see
  3. Suggest other improvements, like bringing transit to your neighbourhood
  4. View all the routes by clicking on the “Routes” drop down menu on the top right of the map

Click on the item you would like to place from the legend on the left, and add it to the map. If you would like to remove a pin, please click on the pin you have added. You can add up to five pins. Please do not include any personal information in the note pins.

  • *Primary Origin is where you typically start your travel day; your home neighborhood or similar
  • *Primary Destination is where you typically travel to on an average weekday

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Your response will be seen by BC Transit employees. Please do not provide any personally identifying information.

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Please use the link below to complete the survey associated with this project.  Collection and use of the information requested for this survey are for the sole purposes of enhancing transit services and is compliant with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.  For more information, please click here.

We want to hear from you!
If you would like to be contacted further please add your contact information here. We will let you know about the Transit Future Action Plan and how it progresses.