Transit Updates

September 8th 2020 Service Change

On September 8, 2020, a new schedule was implemented for transit in The Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW). The table below shows the changes to each route.

Why are we changing it?

To better serve the needs of Whistler transit users, the schedule has been improved to best match current demand. As seasons fluctuate the transit schedule needs to as well. Additionally, COVID-19 has altered ridership patterns in the short-term and potentially long-term (see below for more information on COVID-19 Impacts).

What are we changing?

We are shifting trip times of routes and increasing frequency on the route 10 Valley Express. Route 20 Cheakamus and route 30 Emerald will see reduction in frequency in periods of low demand. Route 32 Emerald/Village, through Spruce Grove and 20X Cheakamus/Village will not run until late November as service ramps up. Please see the new Riders Guide Here.

Download the files below to see how each neighbourhood in Whistler is affected by the proposed service change, as well as specific trip times.

What’s next for Whistler?

Strategic planning will kick off in Fall 2020. Submit your contact information below to have the latest information and participate in improving transit in Whistler!

We Are Listening

Emma DalSantoResort Municipality of Whistler

Transportation Demand Management Planner

Bronson Bullivant – BC Transit

Senior Transit Planner

How to Take Part

Review the data.

Review the table and files below to see how the transit routes you use are affected

Ask us questions.

Reach out to one of the project members at the top of the page if you have any questions about the proposed changes

Stay Informed. 

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Recent News

September 2020 – New Service

A new schedule began operating on September 8th 2020. To see the new Riders Guide Please Click Here.

August 2020 – Upcoming Service Change

We have seen ridership steadily increase over the months of July and August. Heading in to the fall and early winter, we anticipate seeing similar trends although this is dependent on the pandemic. The associated Riders Guide for September will be posted on here as well as two weeks before the service change.

July 2020 – COVID-19 Impacts

The RMOW has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Upon the initial shutdown of Canada and British Columbia, transit ridership in Whistler dropped ~80%. This can be attributed to the shutdown of Whistler Blackcomb for winter skiing on March 15, 2020, physical distancing in public, as well as the restrictions to local and international travel. Ridership has slowly began to return in recent weeks.

Before the pandemic (pre-covid) BC Transit, the RMOW and Whistler Transit Ltd. began working towards a refresh to the Transit Future Plan that was completed for the Sea to Sky Region in 2015. To complement the process, an on-board intercept survey took place at the end of February 2020. Additionally, the RMOW completed a survey as part of their Proposed Summer 2020 Transportation Action Plan. The main themes from responses included focusing efforts on transit priority measures as well as improving the route 10 Valley Express.

An on-board intercept survey was completed at the end of February 2020 in Whistler. Respondents were asked multiple questions on what worked well for them and what could use improvement in the Whistler Transit System. When asked about specific improvements, permanent and seasonal residents heavily supported improving the Route 10 Valley Express. This was also echoed in Whistler’s own Transportation Action Plan engagement. More information can be found in the Important Documents above.

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